The BIOTsphere

Every year the BIOTS program will offer three major verticals for the students to build their ideas and use-cases.
In 2018, we mainly look into sustainability issues, which are currently on the agenda of the UN or hot topics in industry.


The major verticals for 2018

Carbon Trading
Decentralized Energy
Externalities Pricing

Dairy Production
Proof of Origin

Smart Cities


Our Concept

We bring you together


Technology Provider

  • We showcase your technology to academics, students, researchers Industry leaders, mentors and teachers.
  • We bring use-cases to your tech-stack build and designed by students and Industry leaders
  • We connect you to the industry leaders who seek blockchain providers to solve their shortcomings

Students & Academics

  • We teach about new innovative technologies
  • We bring you in touch with state of the art technology for free
  • We build bridges for your future to Connect your know-how to the industry
  • We help you become the engineer of the future

Industry Leaders

  • We offer talent-scouting, connect with students who might turn out to be your future engineers
  • Work with academics and researchers together to quantify your interest in new fields
  • Connect to technology partner and discover the potential of blockchain
  • Create your own concept And ask students to engage